THE SACRAMENT: Watch This 'Brother And Sister' Clip From Ti West's Horror

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THE SACRAMENT: Watch This 'Brother And Sister' Clip From Ti West's Horror
Ti West's latest horror film The Sacrament is currently available on iTunes and OnDemand. It will open in cinemas on June 6. CraveOnline got an exclusive clip from the film to share with everyone. So a virtual pat on their backs for sharing it with us. Yay, them. 

However! The folks over at CraveOnline have also put up a Spoiler Alert warning along with this clip. They say that this 'Brother and Sister' clip is 'an important, scary plot point' in the film. So though it only be a forty second clip, it is apparently a dangerous forty second clip to watch if you do not want anything to be ruined for you when you watch it. 

You will find the clip below, along with the Red and Green band trailers. Also check out the link to our review, by our Festivals Editor, Ryland Aldich when he caught the film during its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. 
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cuckoozeyMay 9, 2014 6:32 AM

I found this incredibly tepid. It's basically an exact retelling of the Jonestown Massacre with no surprises along the way for anyone with even a passing knowledge of the incident. Did Ti West think nobody was familiar with the tale? I knew it would be "loosely based" on it, but I was under the impression he was bringing something new to the story. Sadly I was wrong. There are documentaries on the subject that are far more horrific than this weak film.

Dan.germouseMay 9, 2014 8:02 AM

Ti West, the master of 'slow burn' horror, 'No burn' more like. Yet another snoozefest.