Teaser For Sono Sion's TOKYO TRIBE Brings The Crazy!

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Teaser For Sono Sion's TOKYO TRIBE Brings The Crazy!
We make no secret of the fact that we are HUGE fans of Japanese director Sono Sion here at ScreenAnarchy, and while his filmography is diverse and eclectic, nothing delights us more than the knowledge his adaptation of Inoue Santa's manga series Tokyo Tribe appears to continue in the same vein as last year's fantastic Why Don't You Play In Hell?

While details are still relatively thin on the ground regarding the film's plot, the manga's narrative centres around the murder of a high level figure in one of the many gangs that vie for control of Tokyo's Shibuya district. The killing sparks a massive turf war between the different gangs, provoking much delirious no-holds-barred craziness, as the 38 glorious seconds of teaser below can attest.  

Tokyo Tribe is due for release in Japan on 30 August.
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