Stanley Film Fest 2014 Wrap Up & Photo Gallery

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The fake blood has all been mopped up and empty whiskey bottles put out on the curb. Yes, the second edition of the Stanley Film Festival has come to its end and the attendees have all gone home from their long weekend of horror-film-summer-camp.

The great team behind the fest deserve a huge round of applause for what was both an incredibly enjoyable and extremely well organized four-day fest. Between 20 first-run features, seven revival screenings, three shorts programs, and what seemed like a never ending cavalcade of innovative events, the tiny town of Estes Park, Colorado and its historic Stanley Hotel was filled to the brim with scary fun.

If you read our Stanley Film Fest 2014 Preview, then you know ScreenAnarchy has previously run reviews for every film save one (including the secret screening of Eli Roth's The Green Inferno). Check out the preview gallery for links to all those reviews.

Twitch contributor Michele "Izzy" Galgana was also on hand and provided plenty of insight with her great series of daily dispatches. You can read those here:
Stanley Film Fest 2014 Dispatch: Days 1 & 2 Get Off To A Scary Good Start
Stanley Film Fest 2014 Dispatch: Day 3, Or, Death Becomes Us
Stanley Film Fest 2014 Dispatch: Day 4 Brings A Bloody End

To wrap things up, we've got a series of photos for you to flip through below courtesy of the festival photographer James Dimagiba (with a couple by Izzy and me). Check them out -- and if you have a chance, be sure to get yourself to the Stanley Film Fest next year!

The opening night party featured zombie burlesque (and plenty of booze).

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