KANE: Canada's Unstable Ground Options Douglas Borton's Horror Novel

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KANE: Canada's Unstable Ground Options Douglas Borton's Horror Novel
Heh. I was just with these two fine people last night sharing a pre-screening drink. I caught wind of something in the conversations around the table last night, and here we are this morning announcing that Canadian production outfit Unstable Ground has optioned the film rights to Douglas Borton's horror novel Kane

Unstable Ground's Justin McConnell (The Collapsed and Skull World) and Dread Central's Serena Whitney will be adapting the novel for film. Both are a fixture in Toronto's cult and horror cinema scene so I am confident that this adaptation is in good hands. They will co-produce the film with Indiecan Entertainment's Avi Federgreen.

Kane is a force of nature. Walking out of the desert into the dying town of Tuskett, which only 23 people still call home, he has only one purpose: to kill every  resident. Relentless, stealthy, and without mercy, Kane won't stop until every last man, woman and child is nothing but a memory. Soon the surviving townspeople must band together to fight this seemingly unstoppable evil, or die trying. Brutal, action packed, and!most importantly, character driven, Kane is a thrilling story of survival at any cost.

Genre directors Adam Mason (Junkie) and George Mihalka (My Bloody Valentine) will be consulting producers for the project. There is no word yet on who will direct, nor are there any casting announcements yet. 

Serena Whitney, who brought the novel to the attention of Unstable Ground, first read the material when she was very young, stating "Kane has always strongly resonated with me as one of the most primal and terrifying horror novels I have ever read. It's definitely a hidden gem that I have always felt deserved a film adaption. It can revive the classic bogeyman trope." 

McConnell adds "Kane has all the components of a fantastic genre film: great characters, break-neck pacing, a surprising story and an iconic villain. Best of all, it's all there on the page. Douglas wrote a book over two decades ago that was ahead of it's time, and was just waiting to be discovered. I'm looking forward to helping bring this story to a fresh audience."

For anyone interested, Barton will be re-releasing his novel under his authorship name Michael Prescott. 
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