Euro Beat: The Star of BREATHLESS Will Tell His Story Now

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Euro Beat is back! We'll be posting bi-weekly on Wednesday instead of Tuesday from now on, but the saga of European film news and box office stats will continue as before. In today's edition: Jean-Paul Belmondo will recount his life story to his son... and us too, it seems. Also, ACID at Cannes, Slovenian film awards, Spain's surprise box office behemoth, and more! 

Martin Kudlac, Shelagh Rowan-Legg and Ben Croll contributed to this story.

Though he has acted in more than 80 films over the last fifty years, including Breathless, Leon Morin Priest, and The Man from Rio, French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo has declined to write an autobiography and has remained guarded about his personal life. Until now.

The 80-year-old actor will recount his highlights of his life and film career to his son, Paul Belmondo, for a new documentary which will air on TF1 sometime in 2015. But lest you think this will simply be quality time with father and son in a living room, the film is actually being pitched as a road movie in which Belmondo Jr. and Sr. will travel to the countries where some of Belmondo's most famous films were made, including Brazil, Monaco and Rome. The film will conclude in Paris, where the actor will hopefully share a few stories about Breathless that we've never heard.

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