Eli Roth's Cannibal Horror THE GREEN INFERNO Gets A Chilling New Teaser!

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Eli Roth's Cannibal Horror THE GREEN INFERNO Gets A Chilling New Teaser!
Eli Roth's latest offering of globe-trotting terror takes us deep into the Peruvian rain forests, where a group of good-time-lovin' student activists soon find themselves abandoned and at the mercy of a savage, flesh-craving tribe of indigenous cannibals. 

Roth again joins forces with Aftershock director Nicolas Lopez, with the Chilean filmmaker this time providing Producer and Co-Writer duties while Roth directs. While the results are just as gory, manic and populated almost entirely by unlikable characters, something about the disgusting nature of the cannibal sub-genre makes their particular combination of decidedly off-colour humour and celebratory carnage a much better fit than it did in the disaster movie setting of their previous collaboration.

I saw The Green Inferno when it screened back at Fantastic Fest last September, and must admit that I had an incredibly fun time with the film, to the degree that it might just be my favourite of Roth's films to-date. There's no depth or nuance here, but gorehounds, and fans of seeing irritating people being disembowelled and eaten, should lap this up. Also, be sure to check out the film's end credits, which include a comprehensive, encyclopedic listing of every cannibal film ever made. You know, just coz. 

Open Road has picked the film up, which according to this new teaser trailer, is now slated for a 5 September release in North America. Check it out below.
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