Watch The Pitch Trailer For Icelandic Miniseries GRILLINGUR

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Watch The Pitch Trailer For Icelandic Miniseries GRILLINGUR
Icelandic filmmaker Logi Hilmarsson first popped up on our radar when his short film Þygdarafl (Gravity) played at the Tribeca Film Festival. Hilmarsson has just sent word that he has a new project in the works, a television miniseries called Grillingur

While he is waiting for all the pieces to fall into place so they can begin filming he has sent along the pitch trailer that got the production a contract with Iceland's largest television station. In it you will see Damon Younger who played the psychotic Bruno in the thriller Black's Game

I have agreed to withhold any great amount of detail about the plot for now but Hilmarsson was willing to share this much...

This Cryptic tease from Logi Hilmarsson's new project, Grillingur, promises metaphysical mysteries, Drama, Humor and a fresh new take on the concept of Cosmic Horror.
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