FRANK Trailer: Fans Of Papier-mâché Heads & Art Rock Rejoice

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FRANK Trailer: Fans Of Papier-mâché Heads & Art Rock Rejoice
Yep, it's that Sundance flick where Michael Fassbender wears a giant apier-mâché head. And by the looks of its first trailer Irish director Lenny Abrahamson's flick feels down right delightful if you ask me. Our own Jason Gorber reviewed the film and had this to say:
All the ingredients are her for me to adore Frank. You've got a quirky premise surrounding a bunch of musical fun, a standout performance by one of the world's best actors, a mix of the somber and the slapstick all coming together with a bunch of memorable one-liners.
Yet for all its pieces, I'm not sure Frank adds up to what it could have been. It comes close enough to being a masterpiece that it's a bit frustrating, its ending just a bit too contrived, as if it ran out of steam.
Still high praise for an apparent not-quite masterpiece, which can hurt oh so much more than outright duds. So what do you think? Off with its head or does this look to get the David Byrne seal of approval (not that the former Talking Heads front man gives seals of approval or seals of any other kind).

The film hits U.K. cinemas May 9. No word on a U.S. date yet, though Magnolia has the distribution rights.    
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