WRONG COPS: Theatrical Trailer Arrives For Latest Dupieux Oddity

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WRONG COPS: Theatrical Trailer Arrives For Latest Dupieux Oddity
No matter what, you can always count on one thing from Rubber and Wrong director Quentin Dupieux. His films will be weird. They often won't make sense. Some will find them maddening while others hail them as genius. Many find them very, very funny. Others don't. But everyone agrees that they are very, very weird.

And here he comes again, with his Wrong Cops gearing up for its official release and a new trailer debuting over at Entertainment Weekly. This one began life as a short film that premiered in Cannes before expanding out to feature length and taking a bow at Sundance and now it is hear to admire in all its glory. Marilyn Manson, Steve Little, Eric Wareheim and Jon Lajoie star.

There is not currently an embeddable version of the trailer available so head over to EW to check it out.
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