Johnny Knoxville Presents BAD GRANDPA In Mexico, Talks Spike Jonze's Deleted Character

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Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa opens in Mexico until next week (11/29) but Johnny Knoxville already visited the city to support the release. Together with director Jeff Tremaine, producer Derek Freda and co-star Jackson Nicoll, Knoxville met with the press for a short conference and, actually, leaved all the crazy fun for another time. There was no bad grandpa makeup or anything weird, just a regular 18-minute talk with Knoxville and Tremaine as protagonists. The most interesting subject discussed was co-writer Spike Jonze's character, which didn't make the final cut of Bad Grandpa and most likely will be seen on the Blu-Ray. In the gallery below you can read more about Knoxville, Jonze and Bad Grandpa with the top quotes from the Mexico City press conference! 

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa opens in Mexico on Friday, November 29 under the title of El Abuelo Sinvergüenza (The Shameless Grandpa). 

Johnny Knoxville:

“I can’t prank the public as myself anymore, ‘cause I get recognized. But the old man (the “bad grandpa” Irving) frees me up to do pranks again. There’s a lot of my father in the old man, a lot of the mannerisms, but basically he’s a more perverted version of myself.”

“We had a loose idea when we first started the movie but everything wasn’t stitch together… we continued working the story through the entire filming. We shoot for ten months. It was like an experimental seventies film type of shoot. No movie shoots off and on for ten months, only us.”

"I was in makeup three hours a day."

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