BAD GRANDPA Corrupts The Youth Of America In First Trailer

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BAD GRANDPA Corrupts The Youth Of America In First Trailer
Let's get this out of the way right off the top: Jackass is not for everybody. That's such an obvious statement that it's virtually a truism, and even those who love Jackass find there are often long stretches that don't appeal to them, either. But none of those stretches ever seem to involve Bad Granda.

For those unfamiliar, here's the gag: Johnny Knoxville and other members of the Jackass gang along with their rather famous friend Spike Jonze will occasionally ridiculously good old man makeup and then go out in public and do incredibly inappropriate things. Imagine an old man ramming his scooter through the front of a store window for example, or an octogenarian making out with a teenager on the street. The Bad Grandpa bits are screamingly funny and so it's not at all a bad thing that they've gone and devoted an entire spinoff movie to the concept.

Picture this, if you will: Old man Johnny Knoxville, a prepubescent boy and a pre-teen beauty pageant. Nothing could go wrong there, right? Check out the trailer below ...
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