Morelia 2013: 5 Quotes From Alfonso Cuarón's GRAVITY Conference

Contributor; Mexico City, Mexico (@EricOrtizG)

Just two days after attending Alfonso Cuarón's press conference in Mexico City, I had the chance to see him again, now at the Morelia Film Festival where Gravity plays as opening film. This time the conference was shorter and ultimately repetitive when compared to the Mexico City one. Cuarón began recalling his previous trip to Morelia saying, "I wasn't sober that time so let's just forget that conference!" Since he talked about similar themes, I'm just bringing you five attractive bits (plus more photos), nothing you can read about in the Gravity Mexico City conference article

(All photos by Claudia Aguilar Guarneros for Twitch)

“I’m not a science fiction expert so I can’t determinate where the genre is going to.”

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