Rumor Control On THE RAID Remake. Everything You're Reading This Week Is Wrong.

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Rumor Control On THE RAID Remake. Everything You're Reading This Week Is Wrong.
A bit of rumor control here on a story that surfaced at Bleeding Cool regarding the upcoming Screen Gems backed US remake of Gareth Evans' The Raid.

The Bleeding Cool story reported that Jon and Erich Hoeber, the screenwriters of the Red movies as well as Battleship, were writing the US adaptation of The Raid. This is not now, and never has been, in any way shape or form, true. There's absolutely nothing to it. As was reported back in February of 2012, The Raid script was penned by Brad Ingelsby. Ingelsby was the writer then, and he remains the writer now. There's been no change.

The story also - bizarrely - states that Evans is attached to direct the film (a bit they've since retracted). I say this is bizarre because Evans has stated from Day One that he has no intention whatsoever of directing the remake and will be involved only as a producer. The guy's got more than enough on his plate as it is what with completing post production on The Raid 2, which will be followed by already announced English language projects Breaking The Bank at Universal and an as-yet untitled project set up with Media Rights Capital as well as producing upcoming Indonesian project The Night Comes For Us with Killers co-director - and Evans' own directorial partner on their Safe Haven segment in VHS 2 - Timo Tjahjanto directing.

So, no. The Battleship people are not involved. And no, Evans is not directing. Everything remains as it has been.

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