Opening In Mexico: Adam Wingard's YOU'RE NEXT

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Opening In Mexico: Adam Wingard's YOU'RE NEXT
Adam Wingard's You're Next is opening in Mexican cinemas on Friday, September 13, only three weeks after its North American release (and two years after its premiere at TIFF!). You're Next was previously screened in Mexico at the Guanajuato International Film Festival (GIFF) 2013, as part of the horror selection exhibited at two different graveyards. Now it comes with a lot of buzz, including the praise of Fede Alvarez and Quentin Tarantino

ScreenAnarchy's Kurt Halfyard saw it way back in 2011. Here's an extract from his review

"Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett professed, maybe a bit tongue in cheek, at its North American premiere that their intent with You're Next was to make a tight little genre thrill ride that mashed together the opening scene of the original Scream with the slapstick of Home Alone

An unlikely combination to be sure, but it all comes together in such an entertaining package that by the yardstick of either comedic pratfall or a bloody deconstruction of horror tropes, it has to be labelled a success."

The company Diamond Films is taking care of the distribution in Mexico. While You're Next is not their biggest September release (that would be Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods), they're doing a big publicity campaign with the animal masks. Below you can see a masked dude at Mexico City's Angel of Independence, for example.

You're Next opens on Friday, September 13, and I just can't wait to see if all the buzz is justified. You can watch the trailer with Spanish subtitles below!
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