Venice 2013 Dispatch: DAY 1 - Sono Sion Is The God Of Cinema, And Alfonso Cuarón Is A Virtuoso Masturbator

Contributor; Italy, The Philippines
Here's our first dispatch from the 70th Venice Film Festival and it's already a delirium of images and evocations.

The most powerful film of the day was, of course, Sono Sion's Why Don't You Play In Hell?, a metacinematic journey through lysergic insanity. Maybe the Japanese auteur got momentarily tired of the apparent calmness of his latest works (watch Land Of Hope to get an idea), leading him again into the vortex of messy delight, with a film that explains to us once again why Sono is the bloody God of Cinema. Why Don't You Play In Hell? is as fast as a bullet and as powerful as an acid trip, delighting us with a non-stop bombardment of memorable charged-up moments. Thanks Sensei, chapeau!

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