Macabro 2013, Mexico City's International Horror Film Festival, Begins Today! Luigi Cozzi, Lamberto Bava And More!

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Macabro2013.jpgThe 12th edition of the Mexico City International Horror Film Festival, simply known as Macabro (Spanish for macabre), will be celebrated from August 23 to September 1, in seven venues around the city: Cineteca Nacional (the Cinematheque), Centro Cultural Universitario, Cinematógrafo del Chopo, Centro Cultural Carranza, Cine Lido, Museo Laboratorio Arte Alameda, and the Museo Panteón de San Fernando. 

Macabro 2013 is paying homage to "horror divas". There are films with female characters (Eyes Without a Face, The Innocents) and by directors like Elisabeth Fies (The Commune) and Antonia Bird (Ravenous), as well as a short film retrospective of Sharon Toribio and a Viscera Film Festival selection. 


The festival's definitive highlight is a "giallo retrospective", dedicated to Luigi Cozzi and Lamberto Bava (Mario Bava's son). 

Both Italian directors will be in Mexico City! A conference with Cozzi is scheduled at Cineteca Nacional on Friday, August 30. 

The complete "giallo retrospective" lineup: 

The Killer Must Kill Again (1975), by Luigi Cozzi 
Starcrash (1978), by Luigi Cozzi 
Contamination (1980), by Luigi Cozzi 
Paganini Horror (1989), by Luigi Cozzi 

Macabre (1980), by Lamberto Bava 
A Blade in the Dark (1983), by Lamberto Bava 
Demons (1985), by Lamberto Bava 
Demons 2 (1986), by Lamberto Bava 

Other special screenings include such horror classics as The Exorcist and Vampyr. William Friedkin's film will be shown at a graveyard (Panteón de San Fernando), while Carl Theodor Dreyer's at the Cinematheque (Cineteca Nacional) with live music by pianist Deborah Silberer.    

You can check the complete official selection of feature length horror films, and some other interesting offerings of Macabro 2013, in the gallery below. There's a link to a ScreenAnarchy review whenever possible. 

Full Macabro 2013 schedule here

The Battery (United States), by Jeremy Gardner

This is the opening film of Macabro 2013. The director and the actor Adam Cronheim will present The Battery at Cineteca Nacional on Friday, August 23 (7 PM). This special screening is already sold out, but you can watch it too on Sunday, September 1 at Cineteca Nacional (9 PM).

Read Kurt Halfyard's ScreenAnarchy review here.

Here's an extract from that review:

"Companionship and camaraderie are at the heart of Jeremy Gardner's micro-indie Zom-Dram, The Battery. What? You say. Another filmmaker making a buddy/zombie movie with no money and the usual tropes and jokes? Not so with this one, which spends its time far more in the silent spaces of the zombie apocalypse. A character gets drunk and sings a song in an empty house as a coping mechanism for this silence. It's not the zombies, but the lack of a purpose that might be the real killer. While there is certainly a structured narrative here, it is the character beats and 'hanging out' aspects' of the film that drive it."

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