Corman-Produced Chinese Horror HELL'S HAUNTED PALACE Gets A Trailer

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Corman-Produced Chinese Horror HELL'S HAUNTED PALACE Gets A Trailer

Roger Corman, the King of the Bs himself, has been getting his hands dirty in the Chinese Film Industry lately, financing a couple of ultra low budget films in Guangzhou through Hong Kong based production company, ACE Studios. Both films will be English-language productions aimed for the US cable TV market, directed by Australian-Chinese director Antony Szeto, whose previous work as a director includes recent Sammo Hung vehicle Wushu, but has plied his trade as an action director and stunt coordinator for more than two decades. 

The first of these two collaborations, Hell's Haunted Palace, just had its world premiere at PiFan last month, under its international title The Living Dead. It tells the story of a group of American filmmakers, whose plans to make a documentary in China are scuppered when they unleash an ancient and deadly female spirit. The film stars Catherine Siggins, Katie Savoy, James Taku Leung and Juju Chan.

Szeto just published the film's trailer on his Facebook page a few minutes ago, which you can check out below.

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