First Bloody, Red-Band OLDBOY Trailer Picks Up The Hammer

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First Bloody, Red-Band OLDBOY Trailer Picks Up The Hammer

Its very existence has already made Spike Lee's Oldboy arguably the most divisive movie of the year. Will the first trailer change anyone's mind?

Note that this trailer is the red-band version (i.e., Not Safe For Work) ... and it earns that distinction the old-fashioned way, with bloody imagery, profanities, glimpses of naked bodies, and so forth. Granted, I've only seen Park Chan-wook's version once (during its initial U.S. run) years ago, so I can't speak to any direct comparisons there, but I can say that the first official poster makes complete sense once you've seen the trailer, which is a sizzling tease for a potentially punishing ride. It looks crisp and cold and absolutely brutal. And, yes, the hammer is back, but other sharp-edged weapons are featured as well.

Josh Brolin stars as the ad executive mysteriously locked up for 20 years. Once he's released, Elizabeth Olsen and Samuel L. Jackson play into his quest for vengeance. Sharlto Copley is heard but not, apparently, seen. The movie opens in the U.S. on October 25.

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