The BBC Offers DOCTOR WHO To ...

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The BBC Offers DOCTOR WHO To ...
Ladies and gentlemen, meet Rory Kinnear. You may have noticed him playing Tanner in Skyfall and Quantum Of Solace and you'll soon see him with Chris O'Dowd and Nick Frost in Cuban Fury, but you're about to hear his name a whole lot more than you ever have before. Why? Because according to The Guardian, with Matt Smith about to vacate the part Kinnear has been offered the role of Doctor Who.

Is this accurate? UK bookmakers certainly seem to think so as they've suspended all wagering on who the new Doctor may be and, if so, it's now entirely in Kinnear's court to decide whether he wants the part or not. So, for those hoping, no ... the new Doctor appears to be neither female, black nor ginger.
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