Hey, UK Hitchcock Fans! Go See DIAL M In 3D!

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Hey, UK Hitchcock Fans! Go See DIAL M In 3D!
Next month, it seems that UK theatre goers will have a chance to check out Hitchcock's foray into dimensionalized terror, Dial M For Murder.If you haven't had a chance to see the film on a big screen, let alone in 3D, I highly recommend it.

I've written at length about the newest restoration, back when it played at TIFF's Lightbox last year. As I gushed then:

The restoration truly looks quite amazing. It's absolutely a must-see in 3D, ideally with an eager audience. The film is so much fun, the 3D imagery such an integral part of the way that Hitch composed the film, that it'd be a shame to miss out.

It's never to late to discover a classic you haven't seen. Check out the release trailer below, and book your calendars at the end of July to go support this re-release!
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