Guillermo Del Toro And Part Of The PACIFIC RIM Cast To Visit Mexico

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Guillermo Del Toro And Part Of The PACIFIC RIM Cast To Visit Mexico

I watched Pacific Rim on June 27 but signed the embargo and can't say anything about it until July 8. But here's what I can say (and I'm quite happy to do it): director Guillermo del Toro is set to visit his home country, Mexico, on Monday, July 1. He won't be alone as actors Idris Elba, Rinko Kukuchi, Charlie Day and (del Toro's favorite) Ron Perlman are also making the trip. Elba and Kukuchi play main roles in the film, while Day and Perlman have less screen time. The protagonist, Charlie Hunnam, is not coming.

The schedule says they will meet with the Mexican press first to later spend some time with their fans. There's going to be a photocall and a press conference early in the day, at a Mexico City hotel. I will cover the conference for ScreenAnarchy so if nothing extraordinary happens you'll get to read what del Toro and company say about the film.

The Mexican premiere of Pacific Rim is the same day, at a nearby Cinemark. There's gonna be a "red carpet" before the showing with the director and the mentioned stars, being that the chance for fans to see them and perhaps get a photo and an autograph on their Pan's Labyrinth or Hellboy Blu-Ray/DVD. Who I am kidding? I'm a fan too, so I'm taking my Criterion Blu-Ray of Cronos! People are winning tickets for the premiere and red carpet through diverse local cinema-oriented magazines and web sites. One magazine, Cine Premiere, even held a contest for a "meet & greet" with del Toro.

If you're in Mexico City and want to meet del Toro, Elba (any The Wire fans in Mexico?), Kukuchi, Day and Perlman, not to mention watch Pacific Rim before its July 12 opening, be alert this weekend to win tickets!

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