Watch: New Trailer for THE KINGS OF SUMMER is Funny, But Needs More Pizazz and Biaggio

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Watch: New Trailer for THE KINGS OF SUMMER is Funny, But Needs More Pizazz and Biaggio
This year's standout at the Sundance Film Festival was undeniably Jordan Vogt-Roberts' movie with a giant beating heart, The Kings of Summer. I called it "An unforgettable coming-of-age comedy," and decided after walking out from seeing it that it'll make my Top 10 Films of 2013. 

The film opens on May 31 and CBS Films, the distribution company that picked up the film at the 'Dance, has been rolling out teaser posters and trailers, and we now get our first full-length trailer, courtesy of Apple

While it didn't give the viewer much regarding plot, the first teaser really captured the heart of The Kings of Summer - the offbeat friendship between our defiant boys in the film. The full trailer does circle in on that as well (and gives us two great scenes from Nick Offerman and one from his partner-in-crime, Megan Mullally), but it  doesn't carry the joyous punch of being a rebellious teen the film has. It definitely needed more of the film's standout, Biaggio (played by the incredibly funny Moises Arias). Or, maybe it's that damn acoustic song that plays throughout the trailer. Or, maybe I'm cranky because I love this film so hard and want it to make more than Transformers one, two, and three. Combined.

You should still give the trailer a watch, just for a glimpse of how bonkers Biaggio is. Also, by reading this article, you have promised me that you will see The Kings of Summer when it opens on May 31. I'm told you never break promises, so I'm holding you to it. 
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