The Producers Of HEADHUNTERS Present An Unlikely Hero In DETECTIVE DOWNS

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The Producers Of HEADHUNTERS Present An Unlikely Hero In DETECTIVE DOWNS
If this one works, it's going to work very well indeed. But if it doesn't? Oh, dear ... if it doesn't work then a whole lot of people are going to be very, very angry.

Norway's Friland Produksjon - the producers of high class, high quality affairs such as Headhunters, Kissed By Winter, Sons of Norway and the upcoming Pioneer - are in post production on Detective Downs, a noir influenced detective comedy with one very particular difference ...

Robert runs his own detective office, but he never gets any cases. No one believes Robert can accomplish anything and even his father, who is a police investigator, rejects Robert. One morning a mysterious woman appears in Robert's office. The legendary speed skater Olav Starr is missing, and his family urgently needs an incompetent detective to pacify an affluent and senile grandmother. Robert is perfect for the job. Gradually Robert finds himself entangled in Olav's hidden life and it becomes clear that this assignment is not without danger. But when Robert reveals his special investigation method everyone's in for a big surprise.
Yes, Robert - and actor Svein Andre Hofsø Myhre, who plays him - has Down's Syndrome. Which provokes a certain knee jerk nervousness when you see the film described as a comedy. But with Friland producing and The Art Of Negative Thinking director Bard Breien at the helm this has the potential to be something quite unique and special.
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JorgeApril 2, 2013 5:57 PM

I can't see anything wrong: the detective will eventually outsmart everyone else. It will be like your run in the mill breaking bounds down syndrom story, but just more fun. But I agree: this is going to sound like a bad idea to some people.

Peter SandeenApril 2, 2013 7:24 PM

Sounds like Motherless Brooklyn, A Jonathan Lethem detective novel featuring a detective with Tourette's. A film version was in development hell for a while, but now I think they have given up on the idea. This sounds a little more interesting as Motherless Brooklyn was going to star Edward Norton not someone who actually had Tourette's.