LONE RANGER Trailer Kindly Lays Out The Entire Movie In Advance

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LONE RANGER Trailer Kindly Lays Out The Entire Movie In Advance

In the recent tradition of Hollywood studios telling potential moviegoers everything they need to know about a potential blockbuster in advance, Disney presents the newest trailer for The Lone Ranger.

Previous teasers and trailers have only hinted at the first team-up between the titular white-hatted character, played by Armie Hammer, and his faithful companion Tonto, essayed by the indefatigable Johnny Depp, but now we get a brief origin story and various plot points spelled out clearly.

On the bright side, Disney's desire to inform means that thrifty readers can save money by watching the trailer, thus feeling that they've already seen the movie, which will be unleashed upon the world on July 3. And there's always the possibility, however slight, that the actual complete, finished product will still hold a surprise or two.

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kasparApril 18, 2013 6:29 AM

that is exactly why i watch less and less trailers as time goes on
especially when it comes to big spectacle movies - i want those flicks to surprise me both with their hopefully inventive imagery as well as storywise
by now i usually watch the very first teaser of a movie like f.e. iron-man 3 and after that i try to stay away from trailers as much as possible (even close my eyes and plug earphones in when sitting in the cinema and a certain trailer comes on)
so many times i was able to anticipate what happens next in a movie just because i saw a certain trailer
and for the spectacle; for me it is just more of 'wow effect' if it takes me by surprise on a big screen instead of having seen multiple times on tv, internet and so on...

hutchApril 18, 2013 10:26 PM

Totally. I remember yawning at the stadium scene in Batman 3.