"Punch It!" - Newest Trailer for J.J.'s STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS

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"Punch It!" -  Newest Trailer for J.J.'s STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS
I must say, the project continues to look pretty exciting, even if it does seem like the end of Return of the Jedi with Kirk as Lando and Spock as Nien Nunb. What's nice is that formerly this would be somewhat blasphemous, but in this world where J.J. can unite the franchises, and Obama can talk of "Jedi Mind Melds", it's all fair game in the nerdoverse.

Check the trailer below - things go boom, large fish scare Scottsmen, and lens flares litter the image like Tribbles falling from a chute (worst...metaphor...EVER!)

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lociMarch 11, 2013 6:40 AM


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tman418March 13, 2013 6:49 PM

I'm definitely excited for this film, even though I'm not a Trekkie (the 2009 reboot was the first Star Trek I've EVER seen). I'm also excited to see this in 15perf/70mm 3D in a real IMAX theater. I have yet to go to a true 15/70 3D production. Even though this movie was not filmed with IMAX 3D cameras, IMAX does a very good job with post-convert 3D. And with J.J. Abrams doing the role of director and producer, I'm certain I'll get a good quality image.