Tom Cruise Wakes Up In OBLIVION UK Trailer

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Tom Cruise Wakes Up In OBLIVION UK Trailer

The first trailer for Joseph Konsinski's Oblivion was underwhelming. As our own Todd Brown wrote: "It's not really clicking as spectacle - the visuals offering little that a good video game doesn't - and the ideas seem rather re-heated thus far." Now a new trailer has been unveiled in the UK. Does it do the trick?

You can decide for yourself by watching the trailer below. It features much of the same footage as the first trailer, but it frames the action with a greater emphasis on the memories of the lead character, a drone repairman on a "mop up job," and a woman who still haunts him. Cruise cuts a good figure as an action hero, but he's always been a bit deficient when it comes to convincing relationships. And with the plot laid out more explicitly now, any possible story surprises may be blunted.

The film is due out on April 19.

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