John Woo Finally Ready To LOVE AND LET LOVE

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John Woo Finally Ready To LOVE AND LET LOVE
In a recent interview, Chinese actress Zhang Zi Yi, currently back in the limelight with the release of her new martial arts epic, The Grandmaster, has confirmed that cameras are finally ready to start rolling on John Woo's much-delayed period romance Love And Let Love

The film, a romantic epic set against the backdrop of the Sino-Japanese War, has been hit by a series of almost farcical obstacles, and cancelled on more than one occasion. A dispute over rights to the script, originally titled 1949, saw the project put on hold indefinitely way back in 2009. The film then came back on track in late 2011, with Korean acress Song Hye-kyo (pictured above) as the lead, and Zhang and Taiwanese actor Chang Chen named in supporting roles. However, production had to be put on hold once more after Woo was struck down with a tumour in his throat. 

The good news now is that filming is scheduled to start in Shanghai and Taiwan within a matter of weeks, with all three principle cast members - all of whom also starred in Wong Kar Wai's The Grandmaster - still on board. While the film marks a distinct change of pace for Woo, who has not helmed a film since earning a co-director credit on 2010's Reign of Assassins, the news that he is fit and healthy enough to get back to work is very encouraging.

Set in 1930s Shanghai, Love And Let Love intertwines four separate love stories, with Song playing the wealthy daughter of a successful banker, who tries to leave behind the wild days of her youth and settle down to become a responsible wife and mother. While Zhang and Chang's roles have yet to be confirmed, some media outlets are saying that Hong Kong star Andy Lau is also being courted for a part. 

We will have more news as it develops.
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