Danny Trejo Is Out For Blood And Funding For SNAP SHOT

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Danny Trejo Is Out For Blood And Funding For SNAP SHOT
Check out this very strange and cool campaign ad with grizzled action and genre star Danny Trejo and director Frankie Latina. Their new project Snap Shot, a noir-ish crime thriller, is hitting the bricks today through the Sundance Institute Artist Services program's curated page on Kickstarter, looking for funding.

The proposed film follows a young, ambitious photographer who gets caught in a harrowing labyrinth of intrigue and danger when the "wrong" camera falls into his possession. The devil is truly in the details; and in this case in the 35mm photographs, as sinister wrongdoings frighteningly emerge within the images garnered from the now unfortunate find.

Trejo had this to say about his directors previous award winning effort - "Modus Operandi reminded me a lot of working with Robert (Rodriguez). Guys like that have an incredible vision and I'm excited to see what Frankie does with this (Snap Shot) story."

Snap Shot stars Danny Trejo (Heat), Kumar Pallana (The Royal Tenenbaums), Mark Borchardt (Cabin Fever), Michael Sottile (Reservoir Dogs), Nikki Johnson (Modus Operandi), and Kelly Cunningham (A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III).

Not one to play around, Trejo will put a hurt on Mr. Latina if they don't get the money to make their project a reality, which this video proves. Do your part. Donate. Save a life.

Watch the proposal below the break and then head to the Kickstarter page or, well... ya know.

SNAP SHOT Kickstarter Video from Frankie Latina on Vimeo.

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