The Ukraine Gets Its Guy Ritchie On With PAWN SHOP

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The Ukraine Gets Its Guy Ritchie On With PAWN SHOP
Director Lubomir Levitski is poised to have a very busy year. Early today we posted the trailer for his upcoming horror comedy Unforgotten Shadows, which is due for a June release in the CIS. And Levitski will have a second picture hitting screens in September, in the form of stylish crime comedy Pawn Shop.

The story follows two young men who learn they have gained an inheritance but with one catch. It's being held in a pawn shop and the shop refuses to give up what is theirs. With the blend of grit and style Pawn Shop seems to nod back to Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels era Guy Ritchie, which isn't a bad thing at all. Check the trailer below.

PAWN SHOP THE MOVIE from zacharias.jd on Vimeo.

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