First Four Minutes Of WARM BODIES Are Charming, Clever Stuff

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First Four Minutes Of WARM BODIES Are Charming, Clever Stuff
I admit it. I wrote of Jonathan Levine's Warm Bodies sight unseen as a weak attempt to somehow transform the zombie craze into fodder for the Twilight set, a move I easily convinced myself I had no interest in. And, while it very definitely is being marketed to that crowd the fact is I should have known better if for no other reason than because Levine is very, very good.

And so here I am eating crow and declaring myself wrong. The first four minutes of the film have been released online and the clip is just jammed full with charming, clever, funny stuff that puts a very different spin on a very tired genre. Yes, this looks very, very good and while the horror set may very well turn on it for putting a softer spin on their favorite flesh eaters I know find myself hoping that people give it a chance.

Take a look at the clip below.
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