DAEMONIUM Chapter Two Arrives Friday, Watch A Trailer Now

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DAEMONIUM Chapter Two Arrives Friday, Watch A Trailer Now
Director Pablo Pares has long been a favorite on the Latin American genre circuit, his Plaga Zombie, 100% Lucha and Zona Mutante winning fans with their scrappy energy and infectious love for the genre. And while Pares latest effort, Daemonium, may be a low budget affair he's not letting the financial resources limit his ambitions, creating a series of short films that will later stitch together into a feature that fuses action, horror and scifi tropes.

The story of Daemoniun is set in an alternative universe, where technology and magic co-exist like humans and demons do too. Thought as a series of 5 chapters,in Daemonium we see Razor`s evolution ( who is going to be the visible face of a dystopian government that only seeks for a final war against hell), Rebecca`s deliberations ( who during all the series will doubt about all she always believe in) and the birth of a new hero placed by Fulcanelli (who will end up in Razor`s way and his conquests, and will have to face his destiny).
The first episode of Daemonium arrived online nearly a year ago and with the second due to follow on Friday there is a fresh trailer to capture your attention. Check it below.
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