Promising Trailer For Latvian Crime Drama PEOPLE OUT THERE

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Promising Trailer For Latvian Crime Drama PEOPLE OUT THERE
Though the region will likely never produce films on the scale of other parts of Europe the volume and quality of pictures coming out of the Baltic States is clearly on the rise, with an increasing number of films screening to strong response around the globe. And Alk Karapetian's People Out There looks to be the sort that could do the same.

Jan, a guy in his twenties, and his friend Cracker are involved in several crimes in their neglected suburb of the city. After meeting the "golden youth" beauty Sabina, he looks for a fresh start in downtown circles, but only finds contempt. His hopes for love, compassion and opportunity are dashed by the even more ruthless rules of the bourgeois, and he comes to realize that the only one he can count on is himself.
Latvian writer-director Karapetian has put together what looks to be a compelling crime drama here, the trailer neatly balancing style, grit and character. Check it below.
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