Mass Destruction In New 009 RE: CYBORG Trailer

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Mass Destruction In New 009 RE: CYBORG Trailer
If there is a director in the world today who consistently turns out smart, yet populist, action scifi of higher quality than Kamiyama Kenji then I do not know who that is. Kamiyama first rose to prominence as the director of the Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex television series and it did not take long at all for the talented director to shake off the spectre of original Ghost In The Shell director Oshii Mamoru and establish his own voice.

Up next for Kamiyama is 009 Re: Cyborg, a big screen adaptation of a popular manga and anime about a group of cyborgs created to dominate humanity who instead turn on their creator and fight for good. Earlier teasers have promised plenty of what we've come to expect from Kamiyama - slick visuals and tightly choreographed action - and we get even more in the latest trailer, which comes loaded with new footage. Check it out below.
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