Final Words From A Boxing Great In Clip From Eddie Alcazar's TAPIA

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Final Words From A Boxing Great In Clip From Eddie Alcazar's TAPIA
While things continue to percolate on Eddie Alcazar's indie scifi 0000 the director has been more than keeping himself busy. Alcazar has long been developing a script for a biopic on the life of Johnny Tapia, the mercurial boxing star - his multiple championships balanced by the multiple times he was declared clinically dead thanks to drug abuse - and in the course of researching that project had opportunity to spend a good amount of time with Tapia himself.

And it didn't take Alcazar long at all to realize that the smart man would simply point his camera at Tapia and let the man talk. So that's what he did and what started as one project - the biopic - turned into two as Alcazar realized he had material for a proper documentary on the man as well. And then tragedy struck, Tapia went down for the count one final time, and it turned out what Alcazar had been filming was the final interview footage Tapia would ever give.

And now a first clip has been released, one that reveals just how magnetic this man was as well as Alcazar's skill in capturing him. Take a look below.
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