Kickstart This! That Guy Dick Miller.

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Kickstart This! That Guy Dick Miller.
You know that guy? That guy in the film about the thing. The guy who was also in that other film about that thing. You've seen his mug in numerous films but probably don't know his name. He's been a killer sculptor, been murdered by a Terminator and pestered by Gremlins. He's a professional "That Guy" by the name of Dick Miller and has over 170 film and TV credits under his name.

American Grindhouse director Elijah Drenner was making a bonus feature documentary for a German DVD release of Roger Corman's War Of The Satellites and was doing a bit on Miller and his part in the film and realized that this prolific actor deserved a full feature length documentary that would span his life as an iconic Hollywood character actor. That film is That Guy Dick Miller.

Seeing Miller on screen is like seeing an old friend, even if he's a grumpy old coot or a kindly older gentleman with a Bronx accent, he's always welcome even if the film he's in is not that special. He's an actor that you have grown up with and has been a part of ones love for cinema.

To make things sweeter for potential backers of the project the filmmakers are offering up signed scripts, posters and other goodies that either come from Miller's own collection or from Joe Dante or Drenner. You can even get Miller's script pages for his scene in The Terminator! What self respecting film geek wouldn't want that?

This is a project that I hope will reach its goal and I hope there are enough people out there who feel the same way. Dick Miller's story deserves to be told.

Check out project video below and check out the the project and contribute HERE.

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