Sydney 2012: Day 10 Trailer of the Day - WUTHERING HEIGHTS

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Sydney 2012: Day 10 Trailer of the Day - WUTHERING HEIGHTS
Today's SFF trailer of the day is the latest film adaptation of Wuthering Heights

About the film: Andrea Arnold, who won prizes at Cannes for her features Red Road (SFF 2007) and Fish Tank, has created a radical adaptation of Emily Brontë's classic novel. Veering some distance from costume-drama clichés, Arnold's gritty take depicts all the harshness of the Yorkshire moors and the rough existence of its inhabitants. Into this world comes Heathcliff (portrayed as a young man by Solomon Glave, and then by James Howson), a black orphan who is found on the streets of Liverpool by Mr. Earnshaw and brought to Wuthering Heights to be made part of the family. Heathcliff, who is frequently beaten and discriminated against, forms a strong bond with Cathy (Shannon Beer, and then Kaya Scodelario). What begins innocently eventually becomes a dangerous obsession. Arnold's brave choices, Robbie Ryan's stunning cinematography and the great sound design work together to make Wuthering Heights a singular, surprising and unforgettable re-imagination.

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