Let's Go Plundering! New Trailer For Aardman's PIRATES!

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Let's Go Plundering! New Trailer For Aardman's PIRATES!
God bless Sony Pictures Animation. Not only did they step in to support UK animation house Aardman when their deal with Dreamworks closed but they've embraced the very silly variety of Britishness that makes Aardman Aardman in the first place, something that was very definitely not always the case in their previous home.

Case in point: The new trailer for Aardman's upcoming stop motion animated Pirates. Yes, it's got multiple titles depending on where it's being released and the trailers are slightly different depending on whether they're being shown in the US or UK but the film itself is pure, goofy, Aardman glory. This is very silly, very fun, impeccably well made stuff and it can be found below.
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