Watch The Trailer For UK Thriller THE HOLDING

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Watch The Trailer For UK Thriller THE HOLDING
Soon to premiere at London's Film4 Frightfest, Susan Jacobson's The Holding brings the horror home.

Sometimes our worst secrets can't be buried. Sometimes what we think is the right thing to do can be the most dangerous thing of all.

On an isolated farm in the English countryside Cassie Naylor kills her husband to protect her daughters from him. Eight months later, when the charming drifter Aden turns up her terrible secret comes back to haunt her in the most horrifying and unexpected way.

The Holding is a burning thriller about the destructive nature of secrets and the shocking lengths people will go to fight for what they value most in life.

There's a shortage of strong female characters in the horror and thriller worlds and this one looks to be chock full of them, Jacobson rooting her story in an all too realistic tale of family violence and the women who survive it. The performances look very strong, the direction assured. This should be a good one. Check the trailer below.
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