Twisted Sister's Dee Snider Joins English Voice Cast Of RONAL THE BARBARIAN

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Twisted Sister's Dee Snider Joins English Voice Cast Of RONAL THE BARBARIAN
The big brains behind tiny-costumed warrior Ronal The Barbarian have packed their bags and headed to New York City where they're currently recording the English language vocal dub for the film. And amidst actors lifted from the world of Glee and The Sopranos they've gone and landed themselves some very big hair.

The Dubbing of the Danish 3D animation RONAL THE BARBARIAN in production in New York and already its shaping up to be an eccentric mix of teen heart throbs and 80s rock stars.

Ronal himself will be voiced by actor Pierce Cravens (Rising Stars), Ben Bledsoe (Glee) will take up the role as the rocking bard Alibert. Ashley Acarino (The Devils Own) as the sword-wielding Zandra, and Twisted Sister's Dee Snider adding the required intensity for the evil Lord Volcazar. Louis Lombardi (Sopranos) will lent his voice to The Oracle.

Ronal. With a pageboy haircut and twig-like arms he is not exactly a hit with the Barbarian ladies. When evil Lord Volcazor kidnaps the rest of the Barbarian tribe, Ronal must summon the courage to save them and is soon joined by Alibert the buttery bard, Zandra the gorgeous shield-maiden and Elric the metrosexual elfin guide.
A bit of Twisted Sister? Yes, please. For an indication of what makes this so incredibly appropriate witness the first trailer for the film below.

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