Keanu Reeves Moving Ahead With MAN OF TAI CHI

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Keanu Reeves Moving Ahead With MAN OF TAI CHI
If all goes according to plan Keanu Reeves will soon be adding 'writer' and 'director' to his resume.

The star of The Matrix has long talked about his desire to direct a martial arts film of his own. Titled Man Of Tai Chi, the picture was written by Reeves as a starring vehicle for Tiger Chen, a key member of the Matrix stunt team, with Reeves himself playing the villain role. But so far the talk has been just that. Not any more.

The Wrap is reporting that Reeves is currently in negotiations with Village Roadshow and The China Film Group to nail down financing for the picture. Both make perfect sense as Village Roadshow were backers of The Matrix films and with the film being partially in Mandarin it is exactly the sort of high profile, star driven, but still China-friendly project that the mainland Chinese industry is lusting to get in to on a co-production basis.

As for the action quotient in the film, Reeves is on record telling MTV that the script includes 18 fight sequences that should have a run time of forty minutes of actual fighting.
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