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Say it ten times fast Buy BLOOD BATH on MOD DVD!

Films about mad artists have always been a personal favorite of mine. A basic list would include Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933) , House of Horrors (1946) starring the late great Rondo Hatton, House of Wax (1953), Bucket of Blood (1959), and the recent hilarious horror comedy Murder Party (2007). Have fun making up your own list. To it, make sure to add Blood Bath (1966). This weird little number was produced, written and directed by none other than the late ?great? Jack Hill. Hill made schlock but I'll wager you have fond memories of a few of his titles, especially if you are over 40. The Wasp Woman (1960), The Terror (1963), Spider Baby (1968), The Snake People (1971), The Fear Chamber (1971) are just a few of his horror films. 

Blood Bath tells the tale of an artist who may or may not be possessed by a vampire. Mad or monster or both? Either way he kidnaps women, drains them dry and dips them in hot wax. Mwa-hahahahahaha! There' actually a fair bit of atmosphere here, and some fun early roles for performers like horror stalwart Sid Haig and Lori Saunders who went on to became a popular TV performer in shows like Green Acres, Petticoat Junction, and Dusty's Trail. No extras here which is a little sad since Hill is still with us and needs to churn a commentary out for this thing. 

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