I Spit on your Dog: Straw Dogs Remake Trailer

Contributing Writer; Toronto, Canada (@triflic)
I Spit on your Dog:  Straw Dogs Remake Trailer
If there is one director that shouldn't be messed with (well actually there are many) it is Sam Peckinpah.  Yes the original was bombastic and button pushing in its day, and still tends to split audiences, but it is a marvel of craft and technique, a master director at the top of his game. (see also:  Antichrist)  I did very much like the nuanced quasi-remake from Ole Bornedal in Denmark from a couple years ago, if only for its addition of a bit more noirish morality and a great big nail gun.  

The American hick-town remake of Straw Dogs, despite the casting of always solid James Marsden and while I'm not a fan of Alexander Skarsgard in the overbaked True Blood, he is nine shades of awesome in Generation Kill, looks like absolute and total dreck.  Either there is a darn-near unwatchable movie delivered by director Rod Lurie about to drop into the multiplexes, or their trailer department should be fired.  Sheesh.
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