Watch "To My Mother and Father" online.

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Watch "To My Mother and Father" online.
Each year Fantastic Fest gets a shit ton of short films to screen over the course of the festival, most of them pretty damn awesome. Last year Can Evrenol screened his weird and disturbing short film To My Mother and Father. Now this slimy horror story is online for the world to see. 
Check it out below.
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jimmythenutApril 4, 2011 10:10 AM

Hello all,

I can't believe our little short got on Twitch!
We're really pleased to see it up there.
If you liked this please go and see our trailer 'Daddy Cross' in the Hobo With A Shotgun Fake Grindhouse Trailer Contest right here

If ya like our 'Daddy Cross' trailer do help us out and vote for it!
Thanks again Twitch for putting up the short.

James Pearcey

mascareiroApril 4, 2011 10:08 PM

wow that was really something, I LOVED it, for real... and Jimmy, I must be very honest with you, this was on another level compared to Daddy Cross, nothing wrong with that, but this short just seemed fresh, original, and clever... I feel like in Daddy Cross you "almost" got it, but what do I know, I voted for Charlene she wolf and it's the least voted hehe Btw, I miss the slimy creature feature type of movie SO much, I wish you guys had done something like that for a trailer, stuff like the thing remake, Blob remake, night of the creeps, the stuff..etc, goo, those fast crazy tentacles thing flying all over, green slime, rubber masks and aliens or whatever, that's just not done today... guess the last movie in that style that pleased me was Phantoms (1998), and a couple of others. Congrats on the short man, really hope regardless of the outcome from the contest that you guys can come up with great things in the future, cheers from Brazil.

jimmythenutApril 5, 2011 5:41 AM

Hey mascareiro, thanks fer kind words.
The director Can Evrenol really is a formidable director, he's gonna blow up into something really fierce and he's got plenty more insane ideas he's waiting to unleash on the viewing public.
As fer 'Daddy Cross' you're right its quite a different animal, between the few of us involved we shot, edited and did the post for that in about 3 days. Whereas as a Producer, 'To My Mother and Father' took from concept to completion too about 8 months of work, it was quite a tough one, but so much fun and in the end hugely rewarding. Hell it took us to Fantastic Fest and Sitges so we could ask for little more.
I'm glad ya liked it and thanks for the comment.
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