US Trailer And A Clip From Takashi Miike's 13 ASSASSINS

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US Trailer And A Clip From Takashi Miike's 13 ASSASSINS
A great favorite here at ScreenAnarchy - I personally am of the opinion that it is the most technically accomplished film of his extensive career - Takashi Miike's samurai drama 13 Assassins is now available On Demand in the US with a theatrical release coming at the end of the month. And with the release comes a new US trailer and a series of four extended clips from the film that we'll be rolling out through the week. Check out the trailer and the first clip below.

Here's part of how the Toronto International Film Festival described the film:

The year is 1844. A young lord rapes and kills with impunity by virtue of his political connections. Though the era of the samurai is fading, an honest government official covertly enlists thirteen swordsmen to assassinate this sadistic lord before he can seize more power. With the clock ticking, the assassins lay a deadly trap for the lord and his army of bodyguards, culminating in one of the bloodiest, muddiest swordfights ever put to film.
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