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The billowy temper of reverberating metal hauntingly inhabits this tale of spiritual rehabilitation. An examination of second chance among the stars, the lustral soul of reparations in a world of potential divergence. A tale of loss, strife, forgiveness and amends amidst the uncovering of a new world.


An attractive, astrologically inclined teen, on the eve of acceptance to MIT, absently intoxicated, crashes her car into a by-standing family; as a radio jockey discusses the discovery of a new planet, recently emerged from behind the sun. The family, an empathy inducing blend of baby-Mozart rearing composer, playful child and pregnant spouse are fatally effected in the moment of announcement. The inebriated teen, fascinated by the cerulean appearance of the newfound planet, affected in the judicial loss of ambition and four years of confinement.


The teen, played by emerging talent Brit Marling, continues her Sundance buzz through SXSW. Acting and co-writing both Another Earth and Sound of My Voice, Marling has proven herself a dynamic talent with remarkable range. Her sullen remorse and introspective penance bring a soulful air to Another Earth's contemplative tale.


Approaching the themes of self as multitudinous conscious, singular entity and forking reality Another Earth probes the meaning of choice, fate and spatial linearity in regards to relation and cause. The spectral analysis channeled through the relatable pathways of mortality and endeavor.


The core of Another Earth lies in the parallel narrative of discovery and redemption, the scientific examination of second terra alongside the emotional rebuilding of the accidentally wounded. The composer, suffering of headaches and trauma-induced apathy, finds unsolicited improvement at the hands of the socially resigned teen. What otherwise would have been a standard tale of hope's rebuilding is brought reflective inquiry in the shade of Earth 2's discovery, a planet with transformationally redemptive similarities.


Questioning fate's decisive path and the possibility of similar replications, would similar events occur given the same circumstances? While not explicitly discussing the existential questions, Another Earth presents a framework for debate, a hypothetical second chance for atonement.


Fox Searchlight has picked up Another Earth for release later this year. Keep an eye on Brit Marling and leave plenty of time for discussion post viewing.



Another Earth

  • Mike Cahill
  • Mike Cahill
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  • Brit Marling
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