Full Trailer For Robin Hardy's THE WICKER TREE

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Full Trailer For Robin Hardy's THE WICKER TREE
I should preface this by saying that - despite the fact that it looks and acts like a trailer - I am not 100% convinced the the 2+ minute video released on the site of Robin Hardy's The Wicker Tree today actually is a trailer. The reason for my misgivings is simply that the source file is actually labeled as a test, so it is quite possible that what we are actually looking at here is some sort of promo reel or proof of concept footage rather than a fully completed trailer.

And, honestly, I kind of hope that this is the case. Because if Hardy is to come back to the big screen after a long, long absence and he's going to do it with a sequel to his seminal The Wicker Man I would really hope that it come out looking a little more polished and professional than this does. The elements that you would expect are all present - which means, yes, this trailer is not safe for workplace viewing - but it just doesn't seem done. Take a look below and weigh in.
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