'Let the Bullets Fly' already picked up for U.S. remake!?!

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'Let the Bullets Fly' already picked up for U.S. remake!?!
This is one of the reasons why I love the Chinese film industry.

Jaing Wen's film has been out for what, days, and "... one of Hollywood's biggest companies," has picked up the U.S. remake rights for it already!?! Apparently so, according to the marketing director of the film Yan Yunfei. Yan also says that Jiang Wen has been invited to direct the remake. BUT, he has refused to give the company's name. So file this one under, 'Riiiiiiiiiiiight. Sure they did, Yan'. 

I find it worth mentioning because our own Mr. Marsh wrote a positive review of the film and it did mad business at the mainland China box office and will take a stab at the box office in Hong Kong in January!
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