Stop whatcha doin'! Watch the proper 'Gallants' trailer!

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Stop whatcha doin'! Watch the proper 'Gallants' trailer!
Stop everything that you're doing and watch the proper trailer for upcoming old school kung fu flick Gallants

An exhilarating homage to Hong Kong's action star of yesteryear and Hong Kong Cnema's action comedies, Gallanats sees two have-been masters Leung Siu-lung 
and Chen Kwun-tai holed up in a village restaurant, tending their master in a coma. Trouble arrives in the form of a gang of roughs - diplomats of ruthless evelopers drooling over their property. The master wakes up with a start, and kick starts the old boys into action for home and country. Director Derek Kwok has reinvented a great sub-genre with aplomb and an eye on new horizons. 

You're day will seem better. The sun will be a little bit brighter. Old ladies will be kind to you on the streets. Life will be that much better after watching it. Trust us. 

Gallants is playing at this years New York Asian Film Festival. Someone from ScreenAnarchy will be on hand to offer up their thoughts we're sure. 
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