Title Credits Done Right: Hong Kong Cult Hit GALLANTS

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Title Credits Done Right: Hong Kong Cult Hit GALLANTS
We've been very vocal in our love for recent Hong Kong cult hit Gallants in these pages for a very simple reason. It's fantastic. It's not just that it casts a stack of vintage Shaw Brothers stars and gives them a new moment to shine - though that certainly helps - and it's not just that the film was created by people who clearly know and love the genre immensely - though that helps too - and it's not just that they embrace the old way of doing things. No, though Derek Kwok and Clement Cheng certainly know their roots if that's all there was to this we'd probably end up with another failed throwback film a la Grindhouse. What makes this different is that the duo takes those old influences and respect for the past and molds them into something fresh that works for today's audience, too. And nowhere is that more clear than in the title sequence for the film, which is freshly arrived online. Check it below.
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Thanks to the vigilant eyes of Wildgrounds for catching this

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CuttermaranJune 9, 2010 5:05 PM

awesome. want to see!!!

Rhythm-XJune 10, 2010 3:57 AM

God, I wish this would get a US release. By someone competent. Into actual theaters. (I'm wishing, why half-ass it?)