More Scandinavian crime drama. City State from Iceland.

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More Scandinavian crime drama. City State from Iceland.
I've said it before and I'll say it again. Director Olafur Johannesson a.k.a Olaf De Fleur is the hardest working man in Icelandic filmmaking, aside from Baltasar Kormakur maybe. Last summer he shot two features, one fictional, Polite People which is going through post production now and is slated for later this year and Adequate Beings, a documentary feature which is also in post. So while these two films are slowly simmering he saw no reason not to start filming a ultra low budget crime drama, shot on the Canon EOS 5D still camera, with an international cast and the cream of the crops of local talent. All in a day's work I guess.
Here's what the official synopsis has to say.

When a foreign mafia decides to take over the drug market in Iceland, a young bereaved woman with a badge, a Serbian mechanic with a vengeance, a crime kingpin with a heart condition and a corrupt narc officer playing both sides - are about to change each others lives forever.

The film teams up Agusta Eva Erlendsdottir and Ingvar E. Sigurdsson again after Jar City along with a stellar cast of both Icelandic and foreign actors, some that can't be named just yet.
Before shooting Olaf put together a funding trailer for the project which includes many of the cast that ended up in the actual film and recently he cut together a character teaser for Agusta Eva's character. You can find them both below and also, if you feel so inclined, you can help raise money for the project, easy way to become a "producer", by donating on their site. The film is slated for release some time next year.
We also have a selection of exclusive photos from the film below.
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